To dream the American Dream

For most, the American dream evokes visions of success, easy living and creature comforts. Not so for David Railey, whose one-man act American Dream just released its debut Cone of So on the local Moodswing Records. "The name is a reference to the old wrestler Dusty Rhodes and a sarcastic statement on the condition of the United States' money-is-God mentality," Railey says.Straddling pop sensibilities and somber moodiness on Cone of So, Railey also mocks the common man's materialistic vision on "Masturbation Chicken Scribble." What's more, Railey's gorgeous voice and guitar work — reminiscent of early Sebadoh, Jeff Buckley and Will Oldham — ring with subtle introspection and a longing for an America gone by.
Less than a year old and with only a handful of shows under its belt, American Dream was accepted to play the CMJ Music Fest 2000 in New York City on Oct. 22. In addition to showcasing American Dream, Railey plans to unveil another project, Casionova, at the fest. "The American Dream CD got me in," says Railey. "I'll be doing a few of those numbers along with the stuff I'm doing with Casionova." Railey describes the group, which features contributions from Keith Crutchfield of Beekeeper and Kat Gass of Bob and the Votives, as falling somewhere between the Flaming Lips, Stereolab and Swervedriver.
After the CMJ fest, Casionova plans to release an EP, also on Moodswing Records, while a second American Dream album has been planned for next spring. It seems that while mocking the American dream, Railey is fast on his way to realizing his own vision and achieving the success for which so many others only fantasize.
American Dream performs at The Earl's Sunday Dunch, Oct. 15. Casionova plays The Earl on Wed., Oct. 11.