Local Bands October 21 2000

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Acoustic Room



Angie Aparo
Local singer/songwriter, folkie-turned-modern rock up-and-comer.(Sarig)


Singer Jay Harren's working out some issues with earnestness perhaps better suited to a therapist's couch than a rock club. The band's music is equally heavy-handed and highly informed by college rock of the mid-to-late '80s, namely U2 and the Church. Their CD single "Stay" is a high-water mark, but unfortunately the rest of their material encountered falls way below that song.(Trammell)


<a href=http://www.baycountypoets.com" target="_new">Bay County Poets

Bible Belt Byproduct

Big Bam Boom

Big Royal & The Revue

The Blacktop Rockets
The Blacktops package their '50s rockabilly with the authenticity of a dirty white undershirt in place of the usual fancy embroidered Nudie suits. Earthy and authentic, they are absolutely the real thing.(Nicoll)

Blind Slim
They call it chair-throwin' blues, and not just because some purists might want to chunk a heavy object their way to stifle the Stevie Ray Vaughn coloring book blooze. They call it chair-throwin' blues 'cause that sounds dangerous. Nothing new here, but most suburban blooze fans would be aghast at anything but the comfortable 12-bar cycle and predictable flair ups of something this side of passion. Here comes the turnaround!(Trammell)

Blueground Undergrass
Atlanta new-grass hotshots, led by former Aquarium Rescue unit member Rev. Jeff Mosier, mix their psychedelic rock with lots of fiddle sawin', banjo pickin' and "hick hop" rhythms with their jazzy Grateful Dead sound (Trammell)


The Borders Collies

The Breeze Kings
The Breeze Kings, led by Carlos Capote, concentrate on traditional electric Mississippi/Memphis/Chicago blues. (Powell)

The Bretheren


Daddy A Go Go

Dave Bass Ensemble

Deep Blue Sun

The Ditchdiggers
The Ditchdiggers' bacon-greased, moonshine-fueled cowpunk is a wild and whimsical fantasy, as hot as the Waffle House griddle at 3 a.m.
and an equally welcome sight. (Nicoll)


The Donors

Drive By Truckers
If Steve McQueen in Junior Bonner had rigged up an 8-track deck in his rodeo trailer, the Drive-Bys woulda made the perfect music for it: Gutsy rebel rock in the spirit of Skynyrd and Sam Peckinpah. (Nicoll)

Karsten Durand
Gospel, jazz and R&B of a particularly late-'80s strain are among Durand's influences. He's a smooth soul singer appealing to a grown-up audience with a kind of scat-like delivery, an intense religious faith and a musical palate of jazz-lite, Luther Vandross-style soul. (Trammell)




League of Decency

Greta Lee
graceful country blues and sweet soul. Lee's twang is real, just like the heartache, but don't get the idea she's beaten. This lady is strong brassy and authentic country. Think Patsy Cline and you're in the ballpark. (Trammell)

An Atlanta band with massive commercial potential, Lift
under the direction of bandleader Molly Bancroft — artfully blends the smoothness of the Lilith Fair sound with the full electric power of modern alt-rock. The band is beguiling and, indeed, uplifting. (Nicoll)

Lithonia Power Train
Holy shit! These big dogs bark, bite and kick the shit like a motherfucker with drill-sergeant emoting backed by a mean-ass wrecking crew. Stand aside if you're not ready to throw down, cause the boys down front are gonna work out some pain. (Trammell)

Little Red Rocket

Live on Arrival

The Living Jarboe




Dance floor-packin' Latin swing band. Whether it's their high-energy horns and Santana-like electric guitar break on "Fools and Kings," or the irresistible shout-along choruses of "Cada Vez," this big AfroCubanHiphopCarribbeanRock band is guaranteed to make you shake. (Nicoll)

Paul Melancon
One of the creative songwriting forces behind the now-defunct jangle band Radiant City (Nicoll)

Liz Melendez
Firebrand Melendez lays down her wicked electric blues, backed by her incredibly tight, well-rehearsed ensemble. (Nicoll)

Metroscene’s an above average power-pop outfit
with solid vocals and spiffy arrangements — that has advanced far beyond its short time together. But fellas, what's with the name? It's a somewhat cheesy name for a weekly newspaper (like we're ones to talk), but for a band, it's beyond awful. (Sarig)

These local electronica fruitcakes are leading candidates for the title of the Oddest Oddballs on the scene. Picture a combination of Weird Al, Beck and the Chemical Brothers, with the bizarreness factor doubled. (Nicoll)



The Moto-Litas
Four gals who ride the new wave and the old (Nicoll)


Brooding darkwave band Myssouri conjure up slow motion, droning soundscapes. Their shows are always a Goth fashion event with a decidedly Bela Lugosi aesthetic on display along with lots of shaved heads, black eyeliner and ennui out the wazoo. (Trammell)




Sector 9

Seed and Feed Marching Abominables

7 Foot Politic

Sharks and Minnows

The Showtyme Jazz Duo

Silent Kids

Sins of Lust

6 Degrees

60 Cycle Hum

Poppy, punky, spunky 6X, led by singer/guitarist/radio personality Lara Kiang and guitarist/producer extraordinaire Rob Gal, are royalty in Atlanta rock circles. Their music more than lives up to their pedigree
really good songs, rockin' guitar heroics, a bouncy bottom and Kiang's broken hearted poetry and little girl candy store lamentations. Let's hope she never gets what she wants. (Trammell)

Skatamatic Weapons


Sloppy Meateaters
Bleach-blond punk duo from Rome, GA



This local jam band offer vocal harmonies, world-beat funkiness and accordion/harmonica playing that spice up the acoustic-guitar driven Southern fried boogie rock. Fans of Dave Matthews, the Dead, Widespread Panic and Barenaked Ladies will like them. (Trammell)

Southern Gentlemen
Southern heavy boogie/blues-rock trio led by David Chastain.

The Star Room Boys
This band has come a long way in the past couple of years, and is currently one of the best pure country acts in the region. Frontman Dave Marrs' unique voice gives authenticity to their sound, and his songs are pretty dang good. (Kelly)


The artists formerly known as the Sonia Tetlow Band have been pasting over their promos with STB, which really sounds a lot more rockin', doesn't it? Somewhere between the unfair tagline "Joan Baez acid rock" and the easy comparisons to PJ Harvey and Siouxsie and the Banshees, STB play powerful stadium rock with Southern Gothic melodrama and intense earnestness. In Decatur, this trio is a rock 'n' roll monster of monstrous rock 'n' roll proportions (Trammell)

Stewart and Winfield

The Stimulants
Notorious for breaking strings and nearly destroying their own equipment, the Stimulants are an over-the-top female power pop/punk trio with energy to spare. (Nicoll)

A local rapper who grew up in Europe and Africa.

Summer Hymns
Athens six-piece psychedelic/pastoral pop band.

Super X-13

Synchro Nine Factor