Sharp Notes January 20 2001

Ray guns Wenner. In "Lucystoners," a track from Indigo Girl Amy Ray's upcoming solo album Stag, the feisty rocker takes shots at Rolling Stone and its editor/founder Jann S. Wenner, for sexism as evidenced by the mag never doing a major feature on her band. It doesn't bode well for the CD's chances of a review in the slick publication, but Ray certainly nabbed some high-profile, pre-release print. Hear for yourself when Stag hits the racks March 6.
Snakes shake. Eliot James and the Snakes, originally formed as a side project by members of the Pleasantdales, Superstar Pillow Fight and Spanking Catherine, has become a full-time concern now that lead singer J.J. is back from helping out the Marvelous 3 on their recent tour.
Match game. Bill Lucado of Gray, Ga., will match donations up to $100,000 to the blues-based Music Maker Relief Foundation. The fund aids obscure but influential blues musicians such as Georgia's Beverly Watkins and Frank Edwards by helping them find gigs and supporting their careers. Click on www.music maker.org for details.
Every day is a holiday. Those who missed Michelle Malone's New Year's Eve show at Eddie's Attic can pop open some bubbly in their own living room and relive the experience nightly. The show was videotaped and should be available at future Malone gigs. Her new album, Hello Out There, is set for release on April 3.
Undressed for success. Alastor reports that MTV has licensed songs from the band's 1997 Javelin Catcher CD and last year's Nothing for Anyone disc for use on the network's "Undressed" weekly teen soap. No word yet on which of 2001's 40 episodes will feature their music. Stay on top of the group's inevitable rise to superstardom by members.aol.com/Alastorweb.
Going underground. Country superstar Patti Loveless took a trip on MARTA to shoot a video for her song "The Last Thing on My Mind." The tune presumably has a frantic feel but is described as a "classic Loveless up-tempo, feel-good single." Look for it on country music video channels soon.