Local Releases March 27 2002

ATOMSPLIT, Microstar (Shut Eye); fourth release by pop-rock quartet featuring Shut Eye head Pete Knapp; release party Fri., March 29, at the Hard Rock Cafe; www.atomsplit.com

BLACKCOWBOY, 2 (Perfect Pitch); second release by Athens-based lounge/experimental/soundtrack music duo; www.blackcowboy.com

CLEMENTE, Now You'd Rather Gradually Let Go of My Hand (self-release); three-song EP of pedal steel-laced indie rock quartet; playing Sat., March 30, at the Echo Lounge; www.eveningsongs.com

THE DAN K. THEORY, The Discussion Begins ... (Root Cellar); debut release by Athens classic rock/jam trio; playing Jake's Roadhouse Thurs., March 28; www.danktheory.com

MICHAEL'S PROJECT, Balancing on the Side of a Circle (self-release); debut release of solo project from Karma Lingo drummer Michael Guss; listening party Tues., April 2, at the Fountainhead Lounge; www.michaels-project.com

PSYCHE ORIGAMI, The Perforated EP (Royal Fuzz); eight-track debut by hip-hop duo from Plainzwalkerz crew; www.royalfuzz.com