Pure as the driven trash

"The ultimate goal of our CD release party is to get drunk and get laid," says Snow White Trash singer Princess Pamela Richards.

Richards claims to be the product of an unholy union of Keith Richards and a dirt-poor Southern beautician. She takes a big swig of malt liquor in the band's communal trailer in Tucker as her cousins/brothers/otherwise-inbred bandmates, Iggy Tourettes, R.C. Moonpie and Wooly Cooter prepare a pre-show "roadkill" buffet. For a little over a year now, Snow White Trash has been loading up a battered baby-blue Escort and heading to the big city to play its horny, corny Southern rock. A decidedly lowbrow trash-wallow, their debut album is a collection of live highlights. Covering all the bases of the band's OTP park life, the disc is currently receiving airplay in France and Belgium ("Them stinky French people just loooove Southern rock," blurts drummer Tourettes.)

The celebration starts at 7 p.m., so there'll be plenty of time to indulge in the debauchery, on and off stage. "We're startin' early, so we can get drunk and then watch the other two bands, the Ex-MissAmericas, and Flathead Mike and the Mercurys," Richards says.

Promising a barnyard full of naughty antics, including blow-up sheep, Richards believes she can use her feminine charms to persuade her howling male fans to buy an array of Snow White Trash merchandise, including a cool limited-edition lunch box.

Snow White Trash plays 10 High Mon., Feb 17.