Valentine's Day cheat sheet

What girl doesn't like to be showered with gifts? That's why there are no complaints about the arrival of a classic bouquet of flowers and the traditional box of chocolates on Feb. 14.

But guys, if you really want to impress her on Valentine's Day, a little originality goes a long way. And what fashionable girl wouldn't love a present that also happens to be one of the hottest items of the season? So assuming most of you men don't regularly read the fashion pages, here are a few stylish gift ideas that are sure to help dress and impress your one and only.

Pearls: There is nothing as timeless as a strand of pearls. And with this spring's '50s-inspired fashions, there isn't a more perfect necklace.

Lace and satin: The sensual fabrics are huge this season, and you can never go wrong with sexy lingerie.

Red-hot shoes: A little daring, yes, but to surprise her with her very own ruby slippers? She'll be happier than Dorothy in a field of poppies.

Charm bracelet: Another classic, it's the gift you can keep on giving. Add new charms for her birthday, anniversary, etc.

If you have a tip or have noticed a trend you think our resident fashionista should know about, e-mail your comments to product@creativeloafing.com.

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