Allnight June 10 2004

A quick guide to what’s happening in nightlife each week


Loose from the noose

When comedian LEWIS BLACK gets into his act, his hands wave frantically, middle fingers pop up and a vein in his head looks like it might explode. The dude is pissed. Super pissed. Pissed that he had to get his own switches for his childhood beatings. Pissed at Republicans, Democrats and bureaucrats in general. He’s even pissed that you brought your friends to his show and said that he was a funny guy. He really doesn’t need that kind of pressure! Seriously, the guy seems like he could snap at any second.

You probably know him from his correspondent duties doing the “Back In Black” segment on the Emmy-award winning “Daily Show.” You may even know him from his HBO special, “Black on Broadway.” And if you know either of these things, you know that he doesn’t like you, doesn’t like your country and doesn’t like himself. And instead of screaming about it on a sidewalk in New York, someone gave him a fucking bus and let him do it around the country. Now he’s coming here Fri., June 11. Wait till we find that sadistic motherfucker. 8 p.m. $32.50. Tabernacle, 152 Luckie St. 404-659-9022.

(Heather Kuldell)

Triple Crown competition

Forget the horsey hype — every Monday night at Blake’s, you can witness one of the most madcap sporting spectacles in Atlanta: DRAG RACES. The contestants, selected from the willing, largely male and sometimes hammered bar patrons, compete in a series of events like speed makeup application, wardrobe assembly and impromptu lip-synching. When it’s all said and done, the willing, largely male and sometimes more-hammered audience members decide on a winner. Everyone else loses and must live with that tragic shame as they struggle on in life. Basically, it’s whiplash high school populism at its best. So pick your horse and back them to the end. The Belmont stakes got nothin’ on this.

11:30 p.m. Free. Blake’s, 227 10th St. 404-892-5786.

(Steve Yockey)

Captains of industry

You think it’s a restaurant, but it’s more of an all-purpose chill spot. The people at Endenu welcome all things artistic to their low-pressure confines Sat., June 12, for a night of fashion, music, turntable work and food tasting known as ENDUSTRY II. The wardrobe is by designers Cotrice, Leilou, G. Parks and Body Temple, and there is an outdoor bazaar for those eager to help the cause. Also keep your eyes peeled for some local artwork, body painting and the sensual art of belly dancing. Vando will be revolving the decks, while your senses alight to all that our fair city’s got to offer.

3 p.m. $15 advance/$20 door. Endenu, 393 Marietta St. 404-522-8874.

(Nikhil Swaminathan)

It’s all good

The “war on terror” got you looking ‘round every corner? Well, you’ve got your wires and priorities crossed. You’re a target, all right, but bad music is far more dangerous than terrorists. Hell, bad music is almost more dangerous than Bush and his boys. Luckily, the ALL GOOD FUNK ALLIANCE has you equally in sights. Straight out of War-shington, D.C., the funk weapons are arriving at Halo Lounge on Sat., June 12. Hear the informed reformed sounds of filter funk, and disco punk, funky breaks and brisk Afro-Latin shuffle in the refined bunker of bump. Call for time. $5. Halo Lounge, 817 W. Peachtree St., Suite E-100. 404-962-7333.

(Tony Ware)