Wax and the facts

Imagine warm wax being brushed along your body. Sounds sexy, so far. But then, without much warning, the wax is ripped off, taking with it every available hair from your sensitive skin. You are left wincing, eyes watering and skin sting.

Welcome to the world of the bikini wax, a necessary evil in most girls', and as of late, some boys', lives. Like regular visits to the dentist, waxing is simply part of the upkeep. You dread going, but once the deed is done and you put on those tiny bikini bottoms, you (and those around you) are pleased you did it.

The longest 15 minutes of your life could go in many directions: The basic bikini wax shapes your nether regions into a perfectly trimmed triangle and allows you to keep your undies on. Not to be outdone is the always in-fashion Brazilian wax. Expect to get naked and have your legs thrown overhead as every bit of fuzz is removed, leaving you with, well, nothing. If being completely bare down there has you feeling Lolita-esque, you have the option to leave a narrow stripper-esque "landing strip."

The newest wax trend is the baby Brazilian — you're still in the buff, but will be spared from the yoga positions required for the Brazilian, as it doesn't travel so far to the rear. If you are feeling randy, you can even personalize your crotch. Initials, a heart, your astrological sign, etc., can give your remaining hair a purpose.

Finally, I must touch upon the phenomenon of men and the bikini wax. Apparently, men who want their bits and pieces to appear larger are going balls to the wax. Ouch! That's about all I have to say about that.

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