Shades of summer

For those of you who wear sunglasses simply to shade your delicate peepers from the sun, open your eyes! Protecting them from harmful UV rays is fundamental, but make certain you do it in style. Accessorizing with a pair of hip shades is all it takes to turn an otherwise humdrum ensemble into sexpot chic.

If chosen haphazardly or in haste, the wrong pair of sunglasses can make even the most stylish look appear absurd. Just as you have different shoes for different clothes, make sure your eyewear follows the flavor of your outfit. Two, three or even four pairs might be necessary in accessorizing your wardrobe, depending on your chameleon style.

This summer, sunglasses are literally bigger than ever. From Jackie O.-style frames to oversized aviators and wraparounds, the more space your shades take up, the better. Just be sure that when choosing a pair, you complement the shape of your face. As a general rule, choose sunglasses in a shape opposite that of your face. For example, the longer shape of the aviator-style shades slim a round face.

Lenses and frames in bright colors like orange, lime and yellow guarantee attention. Michael Kors' almost fluorescent aviators are a celeb favorite. White frames are racy, while tortoise shell and black sunglasses are sleek and sophisticated. Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt are fans of the rimless Christian Dior wraparounds, while hippie chick Kate Hudson sports Valentino's '70s-style gradient-colored lenses.

With so many shapes and colors to choose from, the perfect pair awaits you. Whether selecting trendy or traditional, this season's larger styles not only look great, but they also add extra protection around sensitive eyes. Looking fabulous with an added bonus — imagine that!If you have a tip or have noticed a trend you think our resident fashionista should know about, e-mail your comments to product@creativeloafing.com.