Allnight July 15 2004

A quick guide to what’s happening in nightlife each week

Drum n’ bass soldiers unite

Dance-floor enthusiasts unite! Come descend en masse as ubiquitous DJ/Producer HIVE arrives JULY 15 to drop his game all over the Mark, which happens to be remixing for every dance artist you’ve ever heard of. And if everyone behaves appropriately, he might spin his remix of Klute’s “Glue Sniffer.” You should be so lucky. $8 (before 11 p.m.), $10 (after 11 p.m.). 21 and over. 10 p.m. (doors). The Mark Ultralounge, 79 Poplar St. 678-904-0050. (Steve Yockey)


Some club-goers in Atlanta are still mourning the loss of the Chamber, but that’s only because they didn’t get the memo that their scene is alive and well at Masquerade on Saturday nights. Ladies and gentlemen, there you will find SIN presented by Now, depending on your particular thresholds and fancies, this could either be the most entertaining or nightmarish spectacle of a dance party you’ve ever attended. And that’s just how it’s supposed to be. So leave your inhibitions at the door, but be ready to grab them again when you’re rushing back out to the street. $6. 10 p.m. 695 North Ave. 404-577-8178. (SY)

Low down & dirty

The difference between “house” music and “dirty house” music is, presumably, quite negligible — perhaps akin to the difference between “legal” and “barely legal.” But that little discrepancy (or lack thereof) ain’t stoppin’ the folks at Frequency from hosting an all-out grime-fest called, of course, DIRTY HOUSE on Thursday nights. And with Melanie, Justin Bright and J. Del Rosso on the decks, it’s bound to be quite dirty indeed. 9 p.m. $4. Frequency, 220 Pharr Road. 404-760-1975. (Andrew Stewart)

Knocking on top 10’s door

For dose of DJ, Liquified brings young gun JAMES ZABIELLA to town JULY 17. This hot shot hovers just outside the top 10 on DJ mag’s International Top 20 Poll and is entrenched on message boards everywhere. Saturday night, you be the judge. DJ INC also spins. 9 p.m. (doors) Call for price. Eleven50, 1150b Peachtree Road. 404-874-0428. (SY)