Honey love

Not bad for an artist once signed to Emmanuel Lewis' record label. Yes, you read right — Lewis, as in the actor formerly known as Webster. Honey, nee Timeka Stewart, caught Lewis' ears while performing at her alma mater, Grambling State University. After she graduated about four years ago, Lewis moved her to Atlanta to work on a demo. "It was fun going around the city," she says of their time together. "People would say, 'Oh, you look like Webster,' and I'd be like 'No, this is my son. Stop saying he looks like Webster.'"

But Stewart and Lewis had differing visions and soon parted ways. She pursued a songwriting career, but the solo spotlight beckoned. Every time she submitted songs, someone inquired about her voice. Shortly thereafter, she started hitting new talent hubs like Apache Cafe, and was soon on her way to recording her debut.

While some rappers show up on her album, Stewart says she is committed to R&B love songs, and it shows on cuts like "Kiss" and "Sweet November." The formula is starting to get the album some attention, and she's already in the studio working on an encore.

But what's the story behind her titillating stage name? Interestingly, it has nothing to do with her complexion. "My friends gave it to me, actually," she explains. "It's a joke. I got it at a Fellini's pizza joint. I'm not going to tell you the story, but I'm named after the beer Honey Brown."