Local Music News July 07 2005

Your Raging Ego Is a Wonderland ?
Former Eddie’s Attic doorguy John Mayer, once known for his breathy singer/songwriter fare, has turned his big ol’ doe eyes to the blues. And frankly, nothin’ says “the blues” more than a hopelessly white-bread singer/songwriter. The John Mayer Trio (damn, where do these creative band names keep coming from?) features Mayer with drummer Steve Jordan (Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones) and current Who bassist Pino Palladino. The upcoming 24-date North American tour begins in San Francisco this fall and includes three shows opening for the Rolling Stones. “I’m gonna go out and just play power-rockin’, electric-guitar, in-your-face blues,” Mayer told www.rollingstone.com recently. Stop laughing, he’s serious.

Heather Luttrell: the next INXS frontwoman??
Raw and powerful local rocker Heather Luttrell (or Heather Grrrl or whatever she’s called at the moment) has earned a spot on the CBS show, “Rock Star: INXS.” Best of luck!

Doria’s Birthday Blowout?
__For early planners, Doria Roberts says that tickets for her second DVD filming at her annual birthday party are now available. The all-ages show happens Sat., Aug. 27, at Tree Sound Studios in Norcross. Advance tickets are currently on sale via the indie Virtuous Ticketing and at Charis Books. Got questions? Write doria_shows@yahoo.com.??