On Mon., July 11, CBS debuts "Rock Star: INXS," a search to find the band a new lead singer. The Farriss brothers created a jangly, rockin' new wave sound, but Michael Hutchence made the group a success - at least to this crushed-out little girl. These are the songs the show winner should never sing:

1) "Need You Tonight": Off 1987's Kick, this single shows the group at its peak success and Hutchence at his peak shirtless hotness. Plus, the video shows the group's sense of humor: It features air drumming.

2) "Never Tear Us Apart": Hutchence loved women and they loved him right back (including Kylie Minogue and Helena Christensen). His lyrics often expressed admiration and devotion that were sung in a way that made each of his female fans imagine he was singing only to them. It won't be the same if one of the chicks wins.

3) "Original Sin": Besides wooing the ladies, the group pointed out social tensions, but it was never nearly as political as its peer U2. Though this ditty is about a relationship between a white boy and a black girl from 1984's The Swing, the video is set in Chinatown.

4) "Disappear": Hutchence combines his two favorite song themes - ladies and social problems - by saying a lady makes the world's problems disappear, which obviously set this 12-year-old's heart aflutter. The forgotten song came out on X in 1990, when pop tastes had shifted to grunge.

5) "Elegantly Wasted": Had the group tried its comeback now, rather than 1997, this single would have been a hit with its unapologetic debauchery. Rather than recapture the '80s like the Killers and Louis XIV, this band was the '80s.??