Local Music News July 14 2005

Sloppy Drunks??
Some people will do anything for a little attention. In a bid to bring in the most people for an upcoming battle of the bands performance at the Star Bar, the Love Drunks promise that "If you come, we'll make out with you. No shit." Pucker up for the boys Wed., July 20, at the Star Bar. Doors open at 9 p.m. $5 gets you in and, maybe, lucky! Other bands on bill include Maylay, Lay Down Mains and the Spectremen. Whoever brings the most folks through the doors wins a slot on the Atlanta Warped Tour show.

I want my DAMN! MTV(2)?
Wacky, Athens-based comedy group the DAMN! Show is getting national exposure. Its TV show, "Stankervision," broadcasts every Friday at 9 p.m. on MTV2. The show features music drop-ins from, among others, busy producer and Love Tractor guitarist Ben Holst, currently hard at work on the new Hot Young Priest album.

High and Mighty?
Do you make a joyful noise? If so, the registration deadline for Kingdom Productions Gospel Music Talent Search has been extended to July 15. Gospel soloists, duets, trios, quartets and ensembles are encouraged to participate in a talent search Sat., Sept. 17, 7 p.m., at Ray of Hope Christian Church, 2778 Snapfinger Road, Decatur. In addition to the heavenly glory, worldly prizes will be awarded, including $1,000 and recording time. Register online at www.kingdom-productions.net or call 770-469-5788 for more info. ??