DJ Krush October 10 2007

History of DJ Krush/Suimou Tsunenimasu

Aside from highlighting the large body of work by Japan’s DJ Krush, this three-DVD box set highlights his motivation, influences and his thoughts on the future – of sound and life in general. Krush is often considered the earliest evidence of hip-hop’s international span, and the DVDs’ eye-candied editing captures his unassuming and indelible contributions. Disc One begins with rapturous dancers at a party, followed by scenes of Krush’s 1996 collabo with a solo C.L. Smooth. Disc Two goes deeper into Krush’s influences and approach behind various albums, showcasing interviews, recording sessions and live shows with everyone from Wild Style writer/producer Charlie Ahearn to Black Thought of the Roots. Videos featuring Esthero, Zap Mama and Inden make for worthwhile viewing on Disc Three. The technical expertise and effort Krush puts into his production is clearly appreciated by his collaborators, and this DVD set is their opportunity to let him know – since a translator would be required otherwise. 4 stars

DJ Krush plays the Loft Sat., Oct. 13, 8 p.m. $20.