Record Review - 3 October 28 2004

Jimmy Eat World collided head-on with pop-superstardom after the release of its 2001 album Bleed American. It sold more than 1 million copies, and made way for a deluge of like-minded bands such as Simple Plan and Good Charlotte. Now, Jimmy Eat World is ready to return with its new album Futures. Filled with bittersweet ballads and hints of punk, the collection is a testament to the band’s sustainability. The foursome deftly straddles the fence between pop-punk playfulness and emo-abyss.

The CD starts off upbeat, with bouncy guitar riffs and catchy choruses. Then it transitions to a more melancholy sound, reminiscent of acts like The Get Up Kids. Poignant lyrics accompanied by moody guitars set up the second-half, and songs like “Polaris,” depicting a love gone bad, are perfect for inciting a good, old-fashioned emo cry. The album proves that Jimmy Eat World is still one of the best ambassadors of emo, and more copycats are likely to follow.