Big Lazy

Postcards From X

So much music is spoonfed these days with ubiquitous YouTube and MySpace coverage that it's encouraging to find a band that begs you to visualize its own video. This all-instrumental NYC combo cooks up the soundtrack to a bleak '50s black-and-white flick – all hipster cool with stand-up bass, stark percussion, spooky Farfisa organ and guitarist/songwriter Stephen Ulrich's reverb-heavy guitar acting as auteur director/producer/screenwriter. Picture Robert Mitchum or Montgomery Clift trawling the rain-soaked back streets littered with cheap gin joints and cheaper women. Add one part old Tom Waits minus the vocals, a jigger of Ennio Morricone mood, some '50s rockabilly and gumshoe attitude and roll film to your best imaginary anti-hero B movie. Sticky floor not included. 4 stars

Big Lazy performs Wed., July 11, at the Star Bar.