Bonde Do Role

Bonde Do Role with Lasers

The Comas perform at the Earl Sun., June 3.

Bonde Do Role revives Miami bass circa 2 Live Crew’s “Pop That Coochie,” replete with nasty lyrics (albeit in Portuguese). The Brazilian trio’s songs sound like a noisy, obnoxious mess, with guitar feedback loops straight out of MC Shy D’s “Shake It” and a maddeningly predictable drum machine beat. On “Quero te Amar” (“I Wanna Love You”), they even bust out the Fairlight – a synthesizer-produced effect popular on early ’80s hits by Paul Hardcastle and Afrika Bambaataa. Bonde Do Role enjoys being outrageous – an incipient trend in indie-party culture, thanks to acts like Spank Rock and Klaxons – and it tries to make Bonde Do Role with Lasers cheesy fun. Some of the tracks, such as the electro-interlaced “Marina de Bairro,” “James Bonde” (where they holler “Arriba, arriba/James Bond is a faggot” in Portuguese) and “Solta O Frango” (“Release the Cock”) are kinda cool. Overall, though, you’ll either find Bonde Do Role’s horny raps trashy and hilarious or just really annoying. 3 stars