Chemical Brothers

We Are the Night

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons trade in their mix of traditional psychedelic house and big-beat-laden sound for a lighter, more commercial approach while still proving that the London pros know how to mix a bloody record. Their latest isn’t shy of celebrity appearances: The Klaxons’ vocal loop and singing on “All Rights Reversed” is reminiscent of Surrender’s “Hey Boy Hey Girl.” And Fatlip teams up with Sammy the Salmon (trust me, it’s a talking fish) to create the ridiculous yet laughable “The Salmon Dance,” a tune that will quickly become the lazy man’s “Humpty Dance.” Despite the rich percussion dance track “Saturate” contributing to the party, We Are the Night loses steam after “The Salmon Dance,” leaving the Brothers’ latest needing something more than celebrities and a dance-along to hold listeners’ attention. 3 stars