Graham Coxon

Love Travels At Illegal Speeds

Former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has been very prolific since his departure from that group. Love Travels At Illegal Speeds is Coxon's sixth solo full-length and his most fleshed-out work to date. Riding on punky elements, be they shouting vocal delivery, aggressive guitar slams or whinging sentiments, Love owes a lot to British intelligent-punk mainstays: the Buzzcocks and the Jam. But Coxon doesn't limit his considerable abilities to barking out easy lines such as "give me some love" on the song of the same name. Instead, he slows down to a moderate pace, showing some gentle emotion on "Just A State Of Mind" and beautiful movements on "Don't Believe Anything I Say." Not that the rest of Love isn't emotional. On the contrary, Love is all about emotions: anger, hurt, happiness and all the other ones that come with liking/disliking girls; a wonderful power-pop of a musical postcard. 3 stars.