Dreamboat Annie DVD/CD

In 1976, a Led Zeppelin-inspired female singer/songwriter was a rare treat indeed. Heart was doubly blessed with talented sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, leading the way for a wave of future generations of harder-edged, melodic rockers. For the debut of the Legendary Albums Live series of CD and DVD releases, also airing this month on DirecTV, the Wilsons revisit their debut, performing Dreamboat Annie live for the first time in the sequence of the original record. A sensual and turbulent meld of acoustic/electric guitar interplay and vibrant vocals, the album was a triple-platinum-awarded foundation of confident girl power. Thirty-one years later, the songs resonate with an added vitality and worldly maturity. A compelling encore of Pink Floyd, Who and Led Zep covers close the affecting show, ably illustrating how they forged Daltrey/Plant wailing with grandiose, folk-injected Townshend/Page guitar dexterity into their own unique, decidedly feminine style. 5 stars.