Led Zeppelin

The Song Remains the Same CD/DVD

Forget draining the kids’ college fund for tickets to Zeppelin’s upcoming U.K. reunion when you can see ‘em in their 1973 prime. The flawed but still impressive The Song Remains the Same film, finally buffed up visually and sonically for thunderous surround sound, documents the group’s three-night stand at Madison Square Garden on the Houses of the Holy tour. The double DVD’s extras feature about 20 additional minutes of performances from the shows. Sure, the footage is somewhat grainy, the dorky fantasy sequences remain an unfortunate distraction, and a half-hour of Dazed and Confused will try the patience of the most dedicated fan. But the booming fidelity, also upgraded on the newly remastered and expanded audio soundtrack, will have the neighbors banging on the door. 3 stars.