This Much Is True

“No compromise music” is what Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Maiysha appropriately calls the progressive soul of her Eusonia label debut, This Much Is True. Eusonia owner and Grammy Award-winning producer Scott Jacoby co-wrote, produced and adroitly shaped an organic hybrid of soul, rock, funk and drum ‘n’ bass that’s smart, infectious and unabashedly R&B. From the rock-infused single “Wanna Be” to the bluesy duet “You Don’t Know” with black rocker Martin Luther – not to mention the funky reimagining of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” – the belter’s 13-track set pulls no punches. The sound created by the Ford model with the Sarah Lawrence pedigree has already been hailed as the next evolution in soul. Garnering rare press attention for indie R&B, This Much Is True further illustrates how independent soul is graduating from its abstract, regressive and underproduced roots to finally gain deserving mainstream attention – all without compromise. 4 stars.