Spanish hip-hop has managed to avoid the limelight its American predecessor has delved in for the past six or seven years. Orishas, a French-Cuban hip-hop trio, have been a solid example of the way the genre has (mostly) adapted without appealing to trends (reggaeton) or visual treats in the form of flashing body parts. Their new release, a greatest-hits compilation with three new songs, is an excellent guide to the group's nine-year career. You'll hear the beats and lyrics evolve from their rough, hard-hitting style of 1999 to their more polished, melodic tracks of 2007. As always, Orishas rely heavily on their Cuban roots for samples and inspiration, giving most songs a hint of traditional Afro-Cuban son. The special-edition version features remixes of the group's best songs, collabos with other artists, as well as a DVD with eight of the groups videos. 4 stars