Impeach My Bush

Is Peaches still the kind of bitch you want to get with, lay with, love with, all right? Since her 2000 debut, The Teaches of Peaches, became the year's Eurotrash/proto-electroclash haute couture accessory, Merrill Nisker has inhabited her potty-mouthed provocateur alter ego. Now on her third full-length, Nisker continues to spread ... her sonic range and raunchiness, but only by the slimmest margin. Working with co-producers Mickey Petralia and Greg Kurstin, Nisker has wrapped trademark grindbox beats in an increasingly velvety gold mine. There's additional purr and burr (supplemented by Joan Jett, among others) underneath her even more pointed (bi)sexual politics. If you're down with Peaches, you should elect to get down on these slick sugar walls. After her debut, it's Peaches' easiest album to swallow as a whole. 3 stars.

Peaches plays Variety Playhouse Thurs., July 27.