It's Alive 1974-1996 DVD

"1-2-3-4!" times 119 songs equals the ultimate and probably last word in live Ramones video. Like the band, this double DVD evolves from a primitive and raw presentation (mid-1970s black-and-white footage from handheld cameras) to a more sophisticated and commercial approach. Bonus interviews with the guys and their manager provide documentary-style background, but all you need to know about arguably NYC's first punk band is captured in this sprawling, nearly four-hour-long compilation of clips. The enhanced audio adds surprising heft to the presentation. Longer segments from CBGBs, London (both 1977), Germany (1978) and the US Festival (1982) show how the group constructed its sets for increased intensity. Don Kirshner's legendary deadpan introduction from his TV show is alone worth the price for a DVD that is required viewing for anyone who considers himself a fan of rock 'n' roll. 5 stars