Splitface and June 16th


St. Louis-area producers Splitface (Nate Womack) and June 16th (Chris Krug) spent exhausting days digging through some 10,000 records at the latter’s vinyl hideaway in the middle of a Mascoutah, Ill., cornfield. They settled on early-to-mid ’90s industrial and ambient records, and samples from those albums inform the pair’s science-fiction-themed debut, Raydeeohh. The music roughly imagines they have blown up the Earth (because the radio here sucks, of course) and taken over radio playlists on another planet. The tracks are unworldly but always compelling, highlighted by the DJ Shadow-invoking title track, the haunting “Frenzy,” and the dystopian “Time 2 Destroy.” The disc features an assortment of first-rate Missouri and Illinois underground turntablists and MCs. It’s the perfect apocalyptic, escapist summer album for anyone who never wants to hear another Chris Brown song again. 4 stars.