Vordul Mega


Vordul Mega is a member of the not-technically-defunct duo Cannibal Ox, who revolutionized underground hip-hop with its 2002 debut The Cold Vein. With Mega’s second CD, Megagraphitti, he and Cannibal Ox partner Vast Aire now have four solo albums between them without a Cannibal Ox follow-up in sight. Not that there’s anything to dislike about Megagraphitti; in fact, almost every track has first-rate production and strong, precise punch lines. The disc features contributions from members of revered New York groups Super Chron Flight Brothers and Monster Island Czars, as well as a beat from El-P, the Definitive Jux head honcho who produced The Cold Vein. Album highlights include “Opium Scripts,” “Trigganomics” and a pair of Aire reunion tracks, “AK-47” and “In The Mirror.” Though Mega’s thin voice is not quite as compelling as Aire’s deep grumble on them, they demonstrate just how overdue a Cannibal Ox reunion is. 3 stars