Statutory Tape

There's a fine art to the act of "bringing it." And former Blame Game/current Hawks guitarist Andrew Wiggins does so with face-smashing grit on the cassette debut from WYMYNS PRYSYN. From the opening whir of feedback and blasting noise on "Theme to Womens Prison" to the monster rhythms of "Shutes and Ladders," not a second of downtime interrupts the rapid-fire strum and distortion roaring on each number. Think Hot Snakes summoning the ghost of Hüsker Dü and you've got the right idea for the kind of screaming, bleeding mania and melody heard here. "Shy Shitter" is the absolute standout, as the sound quality of the recording isn't as fried as the actual instruments, and the buried needle aesthetic is utilized to the fullest. Not a lot of variety here in terms of tone, but at just more than 22 minutes in length, who cares? Just bring it. (4 out of 5 stars