The party will be huge, and you're invited

If you're not busy Dec. 7 and have any interest in mixing your partying with your politics, check out one of the 1,300 (and counting) MoveOn.org house parties being planned across the country.

The Democratic grassroots group, whose mission is to get the everyman psyched about national and foreign policy, is urging the politically curious from Savannah to San Francisco to host or attend simultaneous soirees for the screening of a documentary titled Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the War in Iraq.

The film features commentary from a few dozen military and intelligence insiders, including a former CIA operative in Iraq, a nuclear weapons expert and Joe Wilson, the former ambassador to Iraq whose wife, a CIA agent, was recently outed by senior administration officials, sparking a Justice Department investigation of the White House. The coordinated screenings are to start at 8:30 p.m., EST.

After the hour-long screening, partiers are urged to join a nationwide conference call to discuss the film with its director and talk about ways to motivate and inform your friends.

Visit MoveOn.org's website to find the party nearest you. As of Nov. 21, there were four open-invite parties listed in Atlanta, Decatur and Peachtree City. "It is very easy to feel isolated in Peachtree City," one host wrote in the invite. "But there are more of us — people who are not blinded by the lies from the White House — than we ever dreamed. Let's get together, watch the video, talk, socialize, get to know each other."

You can also host your own party and open it to the public or a select group of friends. Just make sure you order the $15 documentary in time to have it delivered by Dec. 7.

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