Did your friend enjoy the Dogwood Festival?

Talk of the Town Profiles: Dogwood Festival 2001

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Photo credit: CL Photo Archives

Steve & Mr. Peepers
Mr. Peepers loves people. I don’t like people. There’s too many people here. They bother me. Mr. Peepers likes being out, but he doesn’t like balloons, the shining balloons. They scare him. I got him a balloon for Valentine’s Day and he went nuts. Something to do with invading his air space. I got his wings trimmed. He can fly down. Maybe the balloons can fly higher and that’s why he goes nuts with them.

Wizard of Odd & Rocky
Rocky loves to see all the dogs here and he loves animals and he likes it when people drop food on the floor because he goes right after and eats it all up. He loves the anchovy yogurt. It’s a big hit here at the festival. Since he’s wearing his fur coat all the time he’s not real happy about the heat. I keep him wet a lot. I pour water on him and that makes him feel much better. When he gets too hot, he faints. I give him CPR.

Candance, Ric & Smash
Smash loves all those little butts he got to sniff. He loves dog butts. And Smash took advantage of every tree and ice sculpture, wherever he could find a place to pee on. For food, he liked the grilled onions, and the pizza that hit the ground was gone in a second. The crowds at the artists market were a little much. He couldn’t see the art. He was confined. Smash was whining and irritated about the parking, too.??