Streetalk June 02 2005

How do you rate this year’s Screen On The Green flicks?

Ashley: Great. Little darker than normal. Not Some Like It Hot or Grease, but the others are pretty dark. I love they’re doing To Kill A Mockingbird, but I won’t come because I don’t want to cry on the green. The Birds will be great and Mommie Dearest is such a horrendous, fabulous film. It’s great when everybody is going to say all together, “No more wire coat hangers, ever.”

Chad: The Birds is great and to see it in a park where you’re surrounded by pigeons is awesome. Mommie Dearest is an emotional, jarring movie and so unpleasant that it seems out of place there. When I think of Piedmont Park, I think about being pleasant. Grease is just dumb, so I won’t be going. It’s poorly written and the songs aren’t that great. It’s pop garbage. (Full disclosure: Chad is a CL contributor.)

Karen: Grease is my favorite. I’ll definitely be going. Everyone thinks Grease 2 is a terrible movie, but I loved it. I liked the book To Kill A Mockingbird, so I’ll go see the movie. I haven’t seen the other ones. With most of them, there’s an age gap so people my age probably wouldn’t go see them. I know Some Like It Hot is a classic, but people my age think Dumb and Dumber is a classic.