Streetalk August 17 2005

Where does Atlanta rank as a club scene this summer?

Karla: I don’t think the whole Underground thing is working but the majority of the clubs are rockin’. A lot of clubs have specified creative nights. The clubs cater to a particular interest and to a particular crowd. And the music venues make me want to drop to my knees. They’re small and intimate. I could name a ton of them that are just brilliant.

Jamie: Pretty lame. I’m from Florida and the Panhandle club scene is 10 times better than Atlanta’s. Destin smokes this place. Atlanta was one of the top five party towns but since they rolled [closings] back to 3 a.m. and dumped all the 24-hour clubs, it’s kind of pointless to go out. The clubs themselves are good, it’s just the scene is dead.

Xanadu: One of the best. It’s a great town for just hanging out and being with your friends. There are very, very cool places to go and feel at home. You’re not treated like an outcast. If you’re friendly to everybody, they’re friendly to you. In some of these other towns, they don’t care how friendly you are, they still treat you like scum and you’re a nobody.