What are the do's and don'ts of hosting a Super Bowl party?

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Zacoor: Don't run out of food and don't run out of alcohol. You've got to have somebody who is pulling for a team who you're not pulling for. That way you can get all up in their face with it. And don't watch the Super Bowl with your wife. Ninety percent of women don't really care about football and men tune everything out on the planet when the game is on.

Erica: Have two TVs set up because there are going to be people there for the commercials and the halftime and some people there to actually watch the game and you don't want to annoy the folks that are there to enjoy the game. It usually makes people pretty happy. I love watching the game. And don't have too much alcohol because people will stay in your house much too long and won't go home.

Ben: Got to have a lot of meat. Super Bowl's a man's meal. Best thing is a roasted pig. You've got to have beer; got to be good domestic beer. It's an American sport. Don't have the kids in the living room unless you're trying to teach them something. They need to be in the other room because there's serious stuff going on there with the Super Bowl. Women don't need to be there either.