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A wrinkled Italian lady recently went crazy at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The elderly woman was "yelling and screaming at multiple Delta supervisors and attempting to open a closed jetway door," an officer wrote.

The woman did not respond to the cop's English at all — she just ranted in Italian. Then, she started swinging her arms and "hit several people in her angered state," the officer wrote.

He tried to calm her down and relocated her from the airport to his patrol car. The old lady started punching and attempted to bite the cop. During the struggle, her "short pants ripped on her left side," the officer noted.

Eventually, the cop decided the old lady was too much to handle solo. He took her to the airport police precinct and demanded an Italian interpreter. After some boisterous conversation, the interpreter got her story. The Italian woman had missed her flight to Tampa, Fla., and became royally pissed when airline employees said her ticket was no longer valid. Now she's furious and uncertain how she's going to get to her family in Tampa.

The old woman's hissy fit worked. Delta rebooked her on another flight to Tampa and an airline employee carefully escorted the her to the gate and helped her onto the plane. But the feisty woman didn't get off scot-free. Before the she departed, the cop handed her a ticket for disorderly conduct. See you in court, lady. Ciao.

STUPID SCAMSTER: A 67-year-old Ansley Park woman said she met a younger guy at a music club on Piedmont Avenue. After 10 minutes of chit-chat, they decided to go to a gay club nearby. A mere 45 minutes later, the 67-year-old woman let the younger man borrow her car to go pick up his children. He gave her his Social Security card as collateral. She said the younger man returned around 1:30 a.m. (sans children) and they went to her Ansley Park apartment on Montgomery Ferry Drive. At some point during the visit, the woman said she got $100 from her desk drawer while the young man was in the room. (She keeps $1,000 hidden in the desk.) The 67-year-old woman said the younger man spent the night. The next day they went to lunch in Morningside before she dropped him off at a MARTA station. When she returned home, $200 cash was missing from her desk. Strangely, the younger man left behind three credit cards. His full name is printed on all three cards. Police said they'd use the cards to track him down.

GERIATRIC SMACKDOWN: A brawl recently broke out at an Auburn Avenue retirement community. A woman in a wheelchair said she accidentally rolled over an elderly man's foot on the community patio. The furious man pulled a gun out of his pocket and alledgedly said, "I'll shoot you if you roll over my foot with that wheelchair again." Several old folks on the patio confirmed the woman's story. Cops zeroed in on the man's bedroom to get the gun. The furious man said he couldn't remember exactly what he did on the patio because he was drunk.

A background check revealed more trouble: The man is a convicted felon. Police found an "old silver revolver with a wood grip" in the man's bedroom so they took him to jail on assault and weapons charges. "While in custody, [the man] urinated and defecated on himself saying that he could not control it" because of his troubled prostate, an officer noted. "He was highly intoxicated and advised that today was his first day having a drink in six months. ... He blames his troubles on alcohol consumption."

SLICK MOVE: Someone stole $800 worth of food grease from a taqueria on Cheshire Bridge Road. The manager called police and said the grease was stolen from a bin near the trash dumpsters. He says store surveillance video shows at around 5:30 in the morning a white truck with a tank attached to it pulled around to the back of the building. Suspects then removed all of the grease and poured it into the tank.

BAG IT: A Midtown man said he invited a male acquaintance to come over and talk about possibly renting his condo on Juniper Street. During the chat, the acquaintance admired the man's black Prada bag in the living room. (The Midtown man is planning to sell the Prada bag online.) The acquaintance said he loves Prada and asked if he could borrow the bag and get an appraisal before the online sale. The man agreed to lend out his precious Prada (worth at least $800). Of course, the acquaintance bolted with the Prada bag and was never heard from again. The Midtown man said he made arrangements to pick up his Prada bag twice — and twice the guy canceled on him. Police told him to file a civil suit.

LOTHARIO LOSER: In Grant Park, two women in their early 30s were battling over an unemployed 50-year-old man — who is locked up in jail. The current girlfriend said her boyfriend got arrested recently and asked her to keep his white Cadillac DeVille while he did some time in the slammer. She parked the Caddy outside her Glenwood Avenue apartment. The next morning, the words "Whore," "Bitch," and "You Fucking Cheater" were spray-painted on the car in black paint. Also, the windshield was smashed to pieces. She suspects her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, who tried to borrow the car from her a few days ago. She'd called the cops, and police warned the ex-girlfriend to stay off of the current girlfriend's property. An officer said they would pay the ex-girlfriend another visit. Ladies, why are you battling over this loser? He's an out-of-work prisoner who's more than 15 years older than you both. Not exactly a guy with a rosy future.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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