The Blotter June 20 2001

According to an officer's report, a 26-year-old woman reported by phone that she was "at a party at a friend's house [on Todd Road]. She had her necklace on at midnight. Removed it for five minutes while she went to the restroom, and when she returned, it was gone. There were nine of her closest friends at the party and no one has seen it."

According to the report, the necklace, which featured a solid aquamarine stone, was valued at $60,000.

A 24-year-old woman said she got into a telephone argument with her mother-in-law, age 46.

The mother-in-law, who had dreadlocks and was wearing a white shirt, white pants and white shoes, came to the 24-year-old's apartment on Windsor Street. The mother-in-law punched the 24-year-old in the eye. She said she struck her daughter-in-law because she was the devil and she disrespected her.

The mother-in-law was charged with simple battery.

At a convenience store on Lindbergh Drive, two men got into an argument, and a third man and a security guard tried to break it up. Police arrived at the scene and both men claimed that the other tried to kick him. However, neither party wanted to press charges.

According to the police report, a third man, age 38, "tried to be a piece [sic] maker and his neckless [sic] was broken in the scuffle."

The necklace was valued at $125.

At a restaurant on North Avenue, a 29-year-old woman received a call from her husband on her cell phone. She answered the call. A man with shoulder-length brown hair approached her table and started cussing at her. The man said he was "going to show her how fucking uncomfortable it is for someone to come in and start using cell phones."

The man walked away, and threw his tray in the direction of the woman. The tray missed her. The man got into his gold 2001 Ford Taurus and left.

At 6:35 a.m., An officer responded to a burglary at a convenience store on Cascade Avenue. Another officer arrived on scene and found a person matching the suspect's description . The suspect started to run away.

The first officer wrote, "I gave chase and tripped in a back yard on Avon Ave. At this time my OC [pepper-gas spray] canister broke and sprayed all over myself."

A man told police that he hadn't seen his female neighbor on North Highland Avenue in three days. The man was concerned because the neighbor was about 80 years old and her dog had been on the porch all this time.

Police arrived and the man contained the dog because the dog knew him. The officer entered the residence, along with the man.

"I observed that every room in the three-floor home was piled with trash and debrie [sic], in many cases the trash reached above the waist. One of the rooms contained the remains of a dead animal, believed to be a dog, and no door in the home could be opened completely, due to the trash," wrote the reporting officer.

The officer did not locate the elderly woman in the house or in the yard. There was no sign of foul play.

At 3:55 a.m., an officer pulled behind a green Mazda Protege on Howell Mill Road. The car's rear windshield was broken out. The driver, a 24-year-old Tucker man, handed the officer a piece of paper in lieu of his driver's license, explaining that he had been arrested for DUI on May 3, and could only drive for work.

The officer arrested the driver and searched his car. The officer found a knife, 16 hypodermic needles and a razor blade.

The driver said that the needles were "for when he used to do heroin, but he doesn't do it any more and he hasn't cleaned out his vehicle," the officer wrote.

The driver was arrested and taken to jail.??

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