The Blotter December 16 2004

A 32-year-old woman said she was sold rotten fish and realized it when she got home and ate some of the fish. She returned to the fish store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and confronted the cashier, who refunded her money. But the woman said the cashier would not return the rotten fish to her so she could inform the health department. When police arrived, the cashier gave the rotten fish to the woman. The woman requested a police report to show the health department.

On Lawshe Street, a woman said a burglar was in the bathroom of her apartment. An officer showed up and checked: No one was in the bathroom. The woman, age 48, insisted that someone was in the bathroom. She appeared to be a little disturbed.

The woman's 25-year-old daughter also lives there. The daughter said her mother hears voices in her head when she doesn't take her medication. Also, she said, her mother told other people that she was going to kill the daughter while she was sleeping. The daughter hasn't slept in days because she is afraid. Also, her mother stabbed the bathroom door with a butcher knife earlier that day.

Police charged the mother with disorderly conduct and took her to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.

At 7:30 a.m., an officer got a call from a 39-year-old Duluth man who owns a red Infinity G35. The man said someone may have left drugs or contraband in his car. Both the car and the Duluth man were at a service station in Peachtree Hills. The Duluth man was on his way to Mississippi, and he didn't want to be stopped by the authorities and take the blame for something that wasn't his fault.

So the officer went to the service station. He and the Duluth man searched the car and removed everything inside. There were no drugs or contraband. The Duluth man was concerned that he was being followed by some friends of his ex-girlfriend, who may be trying to harm him. The Duluth man said he wasn't paranoid or anything, but he wanted a police report filed just in case something arises.

No suspects were identified.

At an Atlanta Falcons game, a 39-year-old woman took off her clothes and danced in a parking lot on Rhodes Street. Police arrived and asked the woman to put her clothes back on — and she did without any problem. She went to jail for public indecency.

A redheaded man walked into a bar in Virginia-Highland and ordered a pitcher and a pint of Sweetwater beer. After drinking the beer, the man got up and sat at a table with a group of people he didn't know — and then he passed out. The bartender tried to get the man to move back to the bar so he could give him a glass of water and call him a cab. Instead, the man walked out the front door without paying his tab.

The bartender followed the man, who ran over to a pay phone and stayed there until police arrived. The man said he knew he had no money, but he just wanted to watch college football.

The man, age 32, went to jail. His tab was $27.76.

An officer saw a Dodge Neon in the middle of the street on Battleview Drive. Several empty Bud Ice cans were in the backseat. "Hey, officer, I am drunk!" said the driver, a 29-year-old man.

The officer asked the man for his driver's license. Instead, the driver handed the officer a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, saying that was his license. The officer told the driver to get out of the car. "I am so drunk," the driver said, laughing.

The driver went to jail and was given a breath test. But he kept sucking on the Breathalyzer tube instead of blowing into it. "I can't blow, I am too drunk!" he said.

The driver was charged with DUI.

A 39-year-old woman said her boyfriend came to visit for the weekend. He stayed at her apartment on Grant Terrace. The boyfriend got angry when she wouldn't give him any money. He punched her and wouldn't let her leave the room. Then, the boyfriend ripped the woman's clothes and took $80 cash and her ID card. Then, the boyfriend urinated on her.

The boyfriend is described as a bald man with an artificial glass eye. The boyfriend is missing several teeth, and he has a long scar on his stomach from surgery for a gunshot wound. He fled before police arrived.

On Defoors Ferry Road, a woman said her sister came to her house to drop off her child. The sister weighs about 300 pounds. The woman and her sister got into an argument about the sister's sexual choices. The sister went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Then, she charged at the woman's husband, saying her sister was choosing him over her. The woman pushed her sister, and the knife fell to the floor.

The sister fled before police arrived.

A man with a crew cut refused to leave a restaurant on Cascade Avenue. It was around 2 a.m. So the restaurant owner called police, since the same man has come to the restaurant before and refused to leave.

When police showed up, the man was sitting in a booth. The man said he came back to the restaurant because he was cold and he wanted to go back to jail.

The man, age 44, was charged with trespassing and taken to jail.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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