The Blotter March 23 2005

A fight between a man covered in tattoos and a male acquaintance started at a hotel on Northside Drive.

The acquaintance's story: He and the tattooed man have been friends for a few months. He went to the tattooed man's hotel room, and put his wallet, cell phone and keys on the table. Then, he went to the bathroom. When he returned, he thought the tattooed man stole money from him. So he confronted him. The tattooed man picked up a box cutter and said, "I will slit your motherfucking throat." Then, the tattooed man punched him. (The acquaintance did have a bruise on his chin.)

The tattooed man's story: Nothing happened. So the officer took him to the police precinct and asked if he wanted to tell the whole story. The tattooed man said he and the acquaintance are friends. He said the acquaintance is bisexual and he pays him to perform sex acts on him. He said when the acquaintance showed up at his hotel room, he was hungover from drinking the night before, and didn't want to perform sex acts. They fought and the tattooed man grabbed a box cutter and told him to "get the fuck out." The officer called the acquaintance and asked him if the tattooed man's story was true. Yes, the acquaintance said. The tattooed man was charged with aggravated assault.

A woman said she caught her ex-boyfriend with a transvestite. The ex-boyfriend got upset and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone. The woman told him she was going to post the incident on the Internet. She said the ex-boyfriend threatened to beat her up and left a phone message stating he would fuck her up when he saw her.

A minivan was parked in front of a hair salon on Cascade Avenue. The driver of the minivan (a middle-aged woman) emerged from the restaurant next door. She got into the minivan and apparently tried to put the car in reverse. Then, she put the minivan in "drive" and drove through the front wall of the hair salon. The minivan plowed over several hair "stations." No customers were hurt. Then, the driver tried to back up, but she couldn't because there was so much debris. So she pulled forward again.

Police showed up. The driver smelled of booze. Her speech was slurred and somewhat incoherent. The driver said she had consumed four to five cans of malt liquor (the 22-ounce size).

The driver, who hails from Norcross, was charged with DUI and reckless driving. Damages to the hair salon were documented.

An officer saw a man expose his penis on Peachtree Street. Then, the man urinated on the glass window of the Midtown Blue police office. The urinating man pushed the officer away and tried to flee. During arrest, the man admitted he was drunk. Then, the man became outraged and said he was a doctor of forensic psychology with the Department of Justice. The man, a clean-shaven 31-year-old, was jailed for public urination.

Two young women spent the night at a house on Clarissa Drive. (The women, in their 20s, had been drinking). They said a woman known as "Chocolate" and a man kept coming in and out of their room. The two women argued with Chocolate.The next morning, the two women woke up and found they had been robbed. The following items were missing: $371.08 in cash, a purse, a MARTA card, and a Georgia ID card. The women suspect Chocolate is the thief.

Chocolate is described as a 200-pound woman with missing teeth. Also, Chocolate has crusty eyes.

A woman said her husband was drunk when he returned to their home on Vanira Avenue. The drunk husband tried to rip the cable box from the wall — so he could sell it to buy more alcohol. The wife tried to stop him from taking the cable box. She said her husband moved toward her in a threatening manner. The husband went to jail. (The husband, age 48, has missing teeth.)

Someone knocked on the door of a woman's apartment on Hollywood Road. When she opened the door, no one was there. She asked her neighbors who had knocked. They pointed to her ex-boyfriend, who was sitting on the porch. (Turns out, the ex-boyfriend didn't knock. His aunt knocked on the door.)A few minutes later, the ex-boyfriend himself knocked on the door. The woman opened the door and threw a can of bug spray at him. Then, she went into a rage. She walked back into the apartment and armed herself with some bleach, a chair and a broom. Then, she hurled the bleach, the chair and the broom at her ex-boyfriend. A fight broke out. Witnesses said the ex-boyfriend tried to avoid the fight by asking her to stop because he didn't want to go to jail. He tried to prevent her from hitting him. The woman disputed the witnesses' statement, saying her boyfriend punched her after she tossed the bug spray.

Both the woman and the ex-boyfriend were charged with disorderly conduct. The woman was taken to jail.

A woman said her doors were locked when she left her apartment on Northside Circle. And when she returned to her apartment, the doors were still locked. But the woman believes someone entered her apartment while she was gone. Nothing was stolen. Nothing was out of place. But there were some pebbles on the kitchen counter. And, she said, the pebbles weren't there when she left. There are no suspects. The woman has a young daughter. A police report was filed. All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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