Topside blotter March 07 2001

A drunken 20-year-old Atlanta man and his friend were in a club on Roswell Road when they tried to pick a fight with some other patrons. The bouncers kicked the two men out of the club but they returned several hours later with more friends.
The bouncers refused to let the men back into the club, so the drunken man got into his Ford Explorer and drove through the wall of the club and onto the dance floor, pinning a 19-year-old Alpharetta woman under the vehicle.
The driver then backed out of the club and drove through another section of the club. The bouncers were able to remove the keys from the vehicle and detain the man until the police arrived.
The drunken man was arrested for aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, reckless conduct and minor in possession of alcohol. The woman was taken to Northside Hospital for minor injuries.
The police then saw the man's friend trying to pick a fight with the bystanders in the parking lot of the club. An officer told the man to leave. The man began to yell obscenities at the officer and throw punches wildly into the air. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.
A 46-year-old Alpharetta woman and her 54-year-old boyfriend were arguing about the status of their relationship at their apartment on Whitenridge Drive. The woman became enraged at her boyfriend and began to hit him in the face, causing several cuts to his nose and cheek. She then told him that she wanted him out of the house and began to throw his things out of the apartment.
The man tried to go upstairs to get some of his other things but the woman stopped him. He threw her to the ground and poured a gallon of vodka and orange juice on her. The police arrived and both were arrested for simple battery.
A 35-year-old Atlanta man was at his job on Barfield Road when he suddenly took off all of his clothes and began running around the office. The naked man told his co-workers that, "he had to save them through God." The man then became combative when his co-workers tried to restrain him.
The police arrived and took the man to Grady Hospital's 13th floor for observation. One of the co-workers told the officers that the man has been under a great deal of stress lately.
A 34-year-old Alpharetta woman was doing laundry in a room off of her garage when her neighbor, a 29-year-old woman, approached her from behind and grabbed her by the hair. The nieghbor pulled the woman by the hair into the house and began to beat her.
When the Alpharetta woman fell to the ground, the neighbor began to kick her in the face and head with her bare feet. When the Alpharetta woman told her young daughter to call 911 the neighbor fled. She later called back and told the Alpharetta woman that she was going to come back to "give her some more."
The Alpharetta woman told police that she owes her neighbor money.
A drunken 35-year-old Alpharetta man was arguing with his pregnant 40-year-old wife when he grabbed her by the nose and twisted it, forcing her to the ground.
Then he grabbed her by the arms and pinned her to the ground and screamed, "You are going to abort this baby!"
A visibly upset 20-year-old Atlanta man walked into an office on Embassy Row. A 46-year-old woman approached the man and invited him into her office. The man walked into the office and told the woman that she was Satan and demanded that she leave.
The woman became frightened and began to back out of her office as he punched her in the face. The man was later arrested for battery. The woman was taken to Northside Hospital.

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