Going Postal October 21 2004

Loony left

Doug Monroe: Don't sell yourself short, you are, in fact, a bigger asshole than Rush Limbaugh will ever be (Humbug Square, "Say it ain't so, Daryn," Oct. 14).

Seriously, your hate and intolerance is very negative. Perhaps you might embrace diversity, tolerance and learn to respect free speech. You might also try getting your information from more objective groups as opposed to hate speech groups such as MoveOn.org.

Really now, calling Rush Limbaugh a monster and using all those unprofessional cuss words ... you need to apologize to Rush and learn to make a case based on facts, not cuss words and partisan political propaganda from extremist groups like MoveOn.org and Atrios.

If you do, perhaps your points will be taken seriously as opposed to serving as yet another example of just how hypocritical the loony left has become in America.

-- Jeff Breedlove, Atlanta

br>?On my toes
Doug Monroe and Curt Holman: I read both of your articles today and found incredible parallels. This may be merely what Paul Theroux called "3 a.m. insights" in Mosquito Coast: concepts that sound clear and good at the moment but are ultimately meaningless.

Be that as it may, Curt, your plot description of I Heart Huckabees sounds so much like the tryst that you, Doug, described between "Dittoman" Limbaugh and Daryn Kagan (Flicks, "Huckabees has heart," and Humbug Square, "Say it ain't so, Daryn," Oct. 14). All descriptions were of actors and the situations in which they find themselves. I suppose the difference is that at least Jason Schwartzman knows that he is acting. Whereas I suspect that Rush and Daryn haven't a clue as to what they are doing other than responding to their basic copulatory instincts.

As Pauline Kael wrote, sex is only interesting and possibly entertaining if you are a participant or when it is presented in a comedic manner. Otherwise, it is merely prurient and ultimately boring.

Keep up the great work, guys. You are keeping me on my intellectual toes. And that is not something that I can say about the AJC or unfortunately, most of the New York Times.

-- Jon Carlsten, Atlanta

br>?Don't be green with envy
I've seen a lot of Republican bashing over the past few months, but this has been the biggest piece of inflammatory garbage that I've had the displeasure to read (Humbug Square, "Say it ain't so, Daryn," Oct. 14). I can deal with the shots made at Rush, and toward Wolf Blitzer. But the line at spreading misinformation and reckless disregard for the truth has to be drawn somewhere.

Concerning Doug's statement regarding Daryn Kagan's interview with Chief of Police Richard Pennington, I have a few things that I need to point out. Doug poses the question, "Is she suggesting it's weird for a cop to oppose being outgunned by criminals?" First of all, the assault weapons ban did not apply to criminals. Criminals do not operate within the boundaries of the law — that's why they're criminals in the first place.

The assault weapons ban only affected law-abiding, legal gun-owning citizens. Being that 50 percent of those who are legal to own guns in this country do, and being that that statistic has been consistent since about WWII, is Doug suggesting that half the good people of this country are criminals? Why is it that the liberals are so against the law-abiding citizens of the United States being able to defend themselves from those with no regard for law or human life? And am I the only person on the planet who acknowledges that during the 10 years that the assault weapons ban was in effect, there was a steep rise in shooting fatalities?

Doug, maybe if you quit spouting off the liberal propaganda and got your facts straight, you could land a fine woman like Daryn. But don't be jealous of those who have.

-- Justin Kovach, Atlanta

br>?Ewwwww, gross
Just thought I must suggest an alternate interpretation of the lyrics to the song "Debaser" by the Pixies (Vibes, "Speaking in tongues," Oct. 7). There's an early experimental art film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali, called Un Chien Andalou. There is an opening shot of a woman's eyeball being sliced, hence the other reference in the song.

-- Natha Das, Atlanta

br>?Get it now?
Obviously, the humor was lost on reader Ellen Coleman, who was offended that Creative Loafing labeled an African-American a "poetic primate" (Going Postal, "Should know better," Oct. 14). Let me educate her.

All humans are primates, so there should be no offense at labeling any human, even an African-American, a primate. I understand the racial undertones that she read into it, but I doubt that a progressive, liberal 'zine like the Loaf would ever be insensitive to this history.

Here's why the joke is funny: The award went to Java Monkey. Get it? (Hint: Monkeys are primates, too!)

So there you have not only double entendre, but also alliteration, in the caption "Pundits Pick for Best Place for Poetic Primates to Speak Their Words." That makes the joke even funnier.

-- Heather King, Decatur