Talk of the Town - Can I keep him, mommy? August 21 2003

Fernbank kicks butt for one reason — they got dinosaurs! And not dinky pachycephalosaurs, either; Fernbank is home to the biggest, baddest beasties ever to walk and poo over the Earth. And now, it’s time to party like it’s 19,990,000 B.C. because Fernbank Celebrates Dinosaurs! This Saturday afternoon event commemorates the opening of Giants of the Mesozoic, the museum’s permanent dinosaur exhibition, which first wowed parents and tykes alike in August 2001.

This birthday bash is the third in a series of four family days that Fernbank has scheduled for 2003. Kids can lead mom and dad through a sight- and activity-packed day, from scavenger hunts to arts and crafts to petting Fernbank’s own baby triceratops. “That Puppet Guy” Lee Bryan will lend his hand to perform a puppet show, Once Upon a Dinosaur. Inspired kids can then visit the Dinosaur Puppet Factory and create their own hand reptiles, courtesy of the Center of Puppetry Arts. Kids (and perhaps some adults) who show up in their best-looking dinosaur costumes will win prizes throughout the day. And a grand prize drawing will send some lucky kids howling home with beastly delight when they win a package of dinosaur toys, books and T-shirts from the gift shop.

Fernbank Celebrates Dinosaurs, Sat., Aug. 23, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Fernbank Natural History Museum, 767 Clifton Road. More info: 404-929-6300. Tickets: 404-929-6400.