Talk of the Town - Designer Dwelling April 20 2005

Onsite design at 1280 West Peachtree keeps residential units unique

Once known for luxury accommodations used by both corporate and year-round renters, the 40 stories that made up the Oakwood are now undergoing a complete transformation as part of the building's makeover into 1280 West Peachtree. Though there are no plans to change the exterior of Midtown's tallest residential structure, its interior has been given a face-lift to accommodate the needs of the new, owner-occupied condo units that have turned the building into 1280 West.

Rather than simply turning rental units into condos, 1280 West launched a unique onsite design program that gives all new condo owners the opportunity to personalize their spaces by choosing from an assortment of paint, carpet color, kitchen cabinets, tile, countertops and black or stainless steel appliances. New resident Kim O'Connor took advantage of the program and worked with onsite designer Stacy Bookmiller to create a living space that reflects her individual personality and tastes.

Creative Loafing: What's your favorite aspect of living here so far?

O'Connor: Walking to work is my favorite. And then being able to be a little self-contained in the building. There's a store here. So I can go pick up a bottle of wine. It's convenient to everything.

I noticed you had the option of a north, south, east or west view; why did you choose the east view?

I thought it'd be really nice to have morning light - it wakes you up and then it kind of chills out so you're not squinting your eyes all day.

What attracted you to participating in the onsite design program at 1280 West?

It was a great opportunity to have the ease of being able to pick things out without the enormity of it being the first time designing anything. Because I've never owned a home before, I think it would have been really daunting if I'd gone into Home Expo and said, "Well, you know, out of all these 175 options, this is what I want."

How does the design best represent you?

Definitely the fenland green color of the walls. It's very serene and a very comfortable place to be in. Also, I really think that the stainless steel and dark granite is really representative of the kitchen I want, especially because I like to cook. The kitchen is my favorite part of the whole place.

All in all, what impressed you about the program?

Stacy impressed me. She's great. The sales process was great. I think it all went very smoothly. The construction team did a great job. I would come in periodically and check on the progress. One day everything was torn out and there was nothing in here, and the next day they had cabinets and countertops in. They moved so fast and did such a great job. Even though I'm already living here, they're still doing a good job of keeping me satisfied.


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