Talk of the Town - Inner workings December 21 2005

Marietta house holds more than a family

Signs for palm readings, psychics and fortune tellers dot the landscape around metro Atlanta and many people drive past without giving them much thought. There are other people, however, who place great value in the knowledge and advice they receive from having regular appointments with psychics.

Janet Marks, a psychic who works out of her Marietta home, has been a professional psychic for nine years. In the beginning she did readings for her friends, but eventually, with encouragement from her family, she turned it into a business. Marks has a solid clientele, usually scheduling about 12 appointments a week, and people come in as often as they feel necessary depending on how much direction and advice they need.

When did you realize you were a psychic?

My mom actually noticed from a young age that I have the ability. The reason why is because this is not something that I learned to do. This is something that my mom does, something that my sisters do, something that my grandma did and also her grandma. So actually this is something that has been passed on.

What are your readings like?

I do the Tarot cards, I love Tarot cards. I do ambition hand readings and palm readings, and I also work with crystals. It’s all done through a person’s vibrations. This isn’t something that I learned out of a book, this is something that I was born with, so it’s not actually getting the meaning of the card, or looking at the card and saying, ‘Well, this card means this.’ I know a lot of people do it like that and I’m not judging anybody, but I feel it’s more accurate if you go through the person instead of the meaning of the card.

How long do readings last?

There’s no set time in my readings and I have several different types. They could take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. There is a set price, though, no matter how long it is, and that way people won’t feel like I am rushing them or taking my time. I’m more comfortable with that and the customer is more comfortable with that.

Is it hard when you first meet someone to give them a reading?

Well, there are a lot of skeptical people out there and not everyone believes in this, which is understandable. When people come in that are skeptic[al], it’s a little harder to read through them, but I’m able to do it. They just have to open up and give me a chance, and then I am able to show them that I have the ability to read them and to show them that it is accurate, that it is true.

Do you get a lot of clients who are referred to you by their friends?

Oh yes, word of mouth is always number one in advertisement. You could advertise in the biggest newspapers and radio and TV, but there’s nothing better than clients telling their friends.

What are some advantages to working out of your home?

There are a lot of advantages, the biggest being able to stay home with my child. Another advantage is just being home and being comfortable, and also still being able to do the routine of being a housewife at the same time.

What is the best part of your job?

You get to meet a lot of people, a lot of interesting people. I am able to give people insight of their life, of their future, if they need a little guidance, a little direction in their life. I’m happy to have that ability to help, so I enjoy it.