Mindzai Creative moves to Little Five Points

Design shop and studio celebrates grand re-opening with artist Sam Parker's last Atlanta show

Design and print studio Mindzai Creative is ready for a makeover. After eight years in Thunderbox in Old Fourth Ward, Mindzai is relocating to a Little Five Points storefront, only a few doors down from Criminal Records.

Founded in 1996, Mindzai Creative started out as recording studio and quickly evolved into a design and print full-service shop that specializes in helping artists of all various mediums create good-quality marketing materials and screen printing. After a 60-day notice alerting Mindzai and other businesses of the sale of the Thunderbox building, General Manager Susannah Caviness and the Mindzai team embarked on a journey to find the perfect place for the shop.

"A lot of those newer spaces were half the size and triple the cost," Caviness says. "We got really lucky with finding a storefront in Little Five Points that I felt would suit our needs and benefit us the most. I'm really looking forward to being so close to Criminal Records, too! In fact, it was a bit of a 'blessing in disguise' because we were able to find a new home for Mindzai Atlanta that I am very excited about and very excited to share with the community."

Due to increased foot traffic and added storefront, Mindzai will now include a boutique for its new apparel line and host monthly gallery shows and events. Caviness hopes the print studio becomes more accessible to local artists and businesses with the new location and extended opening hours. "I think it's not only going to be great exposure for us as a small business, but really beneficial for all the amazing artists we work with," she says.

To celebrate the new location and gallery space, Mindzai collaborated with artist and tattooer Sam Parker for his last solo show in Atlanta, One Last Thing and Then I'll Go. Parker will show original artwork in the gallery in the coming months.

"We have all admired Sam's work for such a long time," Caviness says. "I love his work with sacred geometry. He was part of our 'Art Basel in Atlanta' show back in February and the idea just sort of came up. He wanted to do a solo show before he moved to Colorado and I jumped at the chance to host it. Sam's show will include originals as well as limited-edition Giclée prints that we are in the process of making for him."

That's one of many upcoming shows and workshops planned in the coming months. The studio hopes to offer classes such as wood-burning, watercolor, figure drawing, and others and bring in new artists to promote within the gallery space. There's also talk of bringing artists David "Bonethrower" Cook, Tara McPherson, and Allison Sommers into the space for different exhibitions.

"I can't promise anything, but I hope we can make something happen with them," Caviness says. "I will still curate and manage all of the shows and shop moving forward. It's been a total dream meeting so many talented and creative people. I'm really excited for everyone to see how we change the space and how we can be an even greater part of Atlanta's growing creative circle."

Editor's Note: This story has been modified to reflect updates on the grand re-opening and Sam Parker's show.