Karma Cleanser - November 13 2002

To DVD or not to DVD? Answers to the VHS question

?Dear Karma Cleanser:
'Tis almost the season and here's my question: Will bad gift karma be generated if I give VHS instead of DVD? I would actually be re-gifting a specific VHS — a very popular, indie hit that I know the intended giftees would really like. However, I also know that they have a new DVD player. But times are tough! Do lean economic times warrant a slightly less than perfect movie format?

b>-- Digitally Remastered

Our mother would say, "It's the thought that counts," but in your case you're thinking mostly of yourself. This is the last possible year you can squeak by with VHS (re-gift or not), so why not sweeten the pie a little with a DVD rental gift certificate, or something even remotely more useful?

br>?Dear Karma Cleanser:
At 17 I met a guy and we were together for three years. During that time, his ex tried to burn my apartment down. I had to move because I didn't feel safe, so I broke my lease. That went on my credit and now I'm not able to get an apartment in my name for seven years. I moved in with another girl and the first month I was there, I lost two jobs and was in a car wreck causing $7,000 damage. Because of that, the girl wanted me to move out. I had nowhere to go, no family and no options but the street. I decided I could kill myself or get an apartment in her name. I know it was wrong, but I could not picture living on the street. The girl even stole one of my used tampons and planned to mail it to Africa to put a spell on me because I couldn't pay the rent. Now says she wants me to go to jail. I'm truly sorry, but in my mind there was nothing else for me to do to survive. I have been mama and daddy to myself since age 15 because my mother signed over her rights to the state for no reason. Nobody can understand what I've done until they walk in my shoes.

b>-- Survivor for Life

Gosh, Survivor, we were all set to respond to your letter — until the dog ate our hard drive. Then a lightning bolt fried our monitor. Then a band of gypsies stole our mouse. In other words, stop making excuses and start accepting some responsibility. Sure, your family life may have sucked, but you can't keep using that as a crutch for your own bad decisions. Instead of wanting people to walk in your shoes, try taking some positive steps of your own.

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