Karma Cleanser - July 03 2003

Dear Karma Cleanser: A friend recently rescued a dog with a cold and cuts. She found out that the dog is sick with heartworms, stomach parasites, a hernia and some bad teeth. The vet bills will total around $800 to help make him healthy. My friend can’t foot the bill, but she wants to help so she’s asking all her friends to chip in $10 toward the cause.
?I applaud her display of empathy, but I can’t rationalize paying that kind of money to save a sick dog. So many healthy dogs and cats are put to sleep every day, why not save one of those?

Anyway, I like people more. I’d much rather take the $10 and give it to a guy on the street who needs food. I’ve been called heartless before on these accounts, but I can’t help the dog. Any karma butt-kicking in my future for ignoring the dog in need?

-- Inhumane society?

i>We see no fault in deciding where you apply your charity. You make a cogent case against giving to the dog-in-need fund, though your friend can probably make just as strong a case on the other side, that whole cliched “starfish washed up on the beach” story and all that. Politely decline your friend’s plea for help, but, just to keep the juices of cosmic good flowing, give the 10 spot to someone or thing you do deem worthy.

br>?Dear Karma Cleanser: I have a problem with my fiance’s ex-girlfriend. She is always calling my cell phone and leaving messages. She calls me almost every hour, but I don’t pick up the phone and it is getting to the point where I am ready to find this bitch and kick her ass. Would it be bad karma if I responded to her childish game that she is playing?

b>-- Star 69

Um, yeah. Here’s a crazy idea: Call the bitch back and tell her to stop calling you. If that doesn’t work, have her number blocked. Technology is a magical, wonderful thing. No need to break out the brass knuckles when we live in a (moderately) civilized society.

br>?Dear Karma Cleanser: I’ve been a fan of your column and an avid reader, but the “Clueless” column has probably helped me the most. I lost my job about a month ago and I’ve been really struggling. The responses to “Clueless” helped me open my eyes and realize that I need to start living for real and get out of this stupid house. I wanted to thank you for your column and for allowing readers to send in responses. Your intent was probably to help the original author, but you’ve definitely re-energized me.

/b>-- Finding my way

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