Karma Cleanser - Will my sleeping around continue bad karma?

Dear Karma Cleanser:

My last real relationship ended after three years together. It ended for many reasons, but the proverbial straw was him walking in on me and his best friend in a compromising position.

That was five years ago. I’ve spent the latter half of my 20s totally alone. Not that I haven’t had some good times. There have been many men to come and go. I have addressed my own guilt in therapy and have realized that while what I did was horrible — one of the worst things you can do to another human — eventually, I have to stop punishing myself.

My question is, once I have forgiven myself and trust myself with someone else’s emotions, how much longer will karma continue to punish me? How many more failed attempts at something meaningful until my justice has been served? How many more men do I have to sleep with before someone wants anything more from me than the booty? Will I die alone?
-- I’m doomed

Is cheating really the “worst thing you can do to another human”? What about invading a person’s homeland, slaughtering innocent civilians and destroying his country’s infrastructure — all for trumped-up reasons? Surely that’s worse than a little pokey-poke with the wrong guy. Anyway, your therapist is right: Forgive yourself, sister. Meaningless trysts and relationship trainwrecks are what your 20s are there for.