Karma Cleanser - Work karma could be affected

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I started a new job last week. I was not eager to join the company, because the people here have a lot of attitude. But the money is better and it’s no worse than my last gig.

The office is on two floors. I sit upstairs with one project manager. Downstairs is where the sales team sits. I was at the office late last night and came downstairs to check to see if I was alone in the building. I wasn’t. One of the girls on the sales team was still there. She apparently thought she was alone, because she was in the process of snorting a line of cocaine on her desk. (She even used her business card to do the cutting!) When she saw me, she startled. I apologized for scaring her and hurried back upstairs.

I’m too new to this company to know if this is acceptable around here. My conscience says I should tell my new boss what I saw, but I also worry that’s bad for my career karma.

-- See No Evil

Sounds like the new office is a real powder keg — so to speak. You’d best keep quiet till you’ve figured out more about the corporate culture.

Depending on your industry, cutting up lines with your business card might be the norm. We’re guessing it’s not, but either way, we say keep your nose out of her business: Her nose will eventually run its own karma.