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Product endorsements by DeKalb’s celebrity CEO

After DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones was accused of rape by one of two women who took part in what Jones’ lawyer described as “a private adult relationship” at the CEO’s home in late December, the lawyer, Dwight Thomas, announced: “The CEO is a political celebrity and is vulnerable to being framed.”

(Full disclosure: Jones has not been charged with any crime as a result of the woman’s claim; the DeKalb district attorney’s office is looking into the allegations.)

If Mr. CEO is such a celebrity, that means we have at least one thing to anticipate, besides a trial of nearly Kobe-sized proportions: celebrity endorsements!

Here are just a few suggestions of products to which the ever-busy Jones could give his celebrity stamp of approval:

1 Mr. CEO Condoms: Bet you can’t use just one!

2 Air Vernon shoes Just do it!

3 VJ’s Restaurant: One sandwich, six buns!

4 Jones Gel: For long-lasting public service.

5 Burnin’ Vernon: The cologne that attracts crowds.

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