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Our newest columnist positively loathes the Loaf

Respectable dailies like The New York Times and The Washington Post hire ombudsmen, independent journalists to critique their papers. We're doing something totally different. Atlantan Reeves Jackson isn't a journalist - and he hates us. His column appears every other week in this space.

Loathing: to, be hateful; to dislike greatly and often with disgust or intolerance; detest. Synonym: see HATE.

In this column, I will loathe with malice toward all and charity toward none. So it begins:

In Going Postal, CL readers continue to respond to John Sugg's "I am a Christian, too" (Fishwrapper, Nov. 18). Like Sugg, they've come out of the left's religious closet since the election. The left, by God, has discovered Him. He's a tree-hugging, war-hating, government-programming, Bush-bashing deity worshipped by the likes of Martin Sheen.

Cliff Bostock's, "Fucking with Freepers" (Headcase, Jan. 13) - who wrote that headline, Anna Nicole Smith? - defends his column about LA Fitness at Ansley Mall closing its sauna because of "some occasional sex." Seems that column was reprinted on a "far right" website. They were pissed at poor Cliff. And, true to character, the Cliff-boy takes offense. Hey, Cliff: Go find some occasional sex - you might try Piedmont Park again.

Am I going soft early on? Doug Monroe's "Product endorsements by DeKalb's celebrity CEO" (Top Five, Jan. 13) about that sleaze bag Vernon Jones was right on. Of course, Doug, like the other editors at Creative Loafing, is a Trotskyite. Steve Fennessy's "One flock, many shepherds" (Jan. 13) was a Howard Dean puff piece. Hell, the Dems would be better served choosing the obesity-challenged Michael Moore as chair. But who cares? The Democratic Party is a pathetic shambles, no longer relevant outside the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Hollywood, and Creative Loafing.

The aging hippie Sugg in "Remembering King by erasing him" (Fishwrapper, Jan. 13) pays the annual liberal rite of homage to MLK. Regrettably, King was erased years ago by the arrogance, greed and shameless commercialism of his widow, Coretta the Queen of Grief, and loser sons, Martin III and Dexter. This year, Sugg says he will "march with the spirit of the real King. Not a liberal, but a revolutionary." Where are you marching, John? Why don't you and those Selma Bridge leftovers like U.S. Rep. John Lewis, the Rev. Joe Lowery and the Rev. Jesse Jackson trot down to the 'hood that's riddled with violence, poverty, drug dealers and teenage girls with illegitimate kids. March there and you'll be a real revolutionary.

Last week's cover story, Scott Henry's "Blue Island in a Red Sea" (Jan. 13), was pure bullshit with the usual smug and stereotypical rap on Red Staters - you know, statements like Skoal is our breath mint and we drive Dodge Rams and dress like Junior Samples. Please. That girly man Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, is indeed "an easy target" for us "Red Sea invaders." He's a black racist with no agenda other than making headlines. Henry's hit list of what "Red Sea lawmakers" are aiming at looks pretty good to me, like the state taking control of MARTA.

Well, enough loathing for now. Until next time, if you can't love 'em, loathe 'em.


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